28 May
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How to Study for Boards: Avoid these 10 Common Mistakes PLUS 10 Tips and Strategies

You have been taking high-stakes exams your whole life, and here you are studying for the boards in preparation for the Board Certification or Maintenance of Certification exam, just as nervous as ever. That’s natural! But knowing how to study for the boards and avoiding these 10 mistakes is crucial. After all, failing the exam can have repercussions, and you don’t want to have to retake it.

Unfortunately, many learners, at all levels, have misconceptions about learning and do not prepare effectively. Most of us don’t know which learning methods are most effective, and we often prepare for exams using inefficient learning strategies.

Mistaken Beliefs About Learning When Studying for Board examinations

Many people have a poor understanding about what leads to success in learning and remembering knowledge and skills. These beliefs are not harmless; faith in them can lead to failure.

1. Believing that being good at a subject is a matter of inborn talent rather than hard work

Have you always been strong in certain topics? Do you tell yourself that your success is a result of your inborn intelligence and natural skill? Conversely, have you told yourself you’re just “bad” at something and no matter what you do, it will always be hard for you? Well, this line of thought is hurting your ability to learn and improve your performance. Studies show that people who think that ability is innate tend not to work hard or persevere. In fact, a growth mindset (the belief that intelligence is not fixed and can be developed) is a comparably strong predictor of achievement.

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