Question 3. What are some job potential/ careers in ABA?

Although a traditional teaching job is generally not attainable with an associate degree in education,
there are still job options available to those with a two-year degree. Some of them even allow
workers to teach in a certain capacity.

Below are some of the jobs someone with an associate degree in education is qualified to
 Teaching Assistant:
You’ll assist the lead teacher in executing curriculum plans and may be in charge of managing
the students when they aren’t in a classroom setting, such as in the gym or while on the
playground. This person could also be tasked with riding the bus or taking care of other duties as
they’re assigned.
Average Salary - $24,314
 Preschool Teacher:
In this position, you’ll work with children younger than school age, generally between 3 and 5
years old. A preschool teacher helps these children prepare to start school by setting and
reaching certain educational benchmarks. The classroom generally has two teachers as classes
in preschools can be on the larger side or may consist of students of different ages and abilities.
Average Salary - $32,500
 Childcare Worker:
when parents of young children work, they need reliable people to take care of their children.
Childcare workers can work in a daycare setting or they can offer services in client homes.
These people ensure that children are safe, fed, entertained, and educated. The worker might
use a prepared curriculum or allow free play as a learning tool for the child.
Average Salary - $30,554